Order this absolutely personal and unique gift! An original portrait for your dearest and yourself! You get a sketchy and fresh original work of arte: 


- Watercolor, the most sought after painting media. 
- Painted size 9 x 12 inc (22 x 31 cm). 
- Musem quality 100% cotton paper 
- Mounted in a beautiful ivory matt (12 x 16 inc)


The offers refers to a single person portrait. For two people please select 2 as quantity in the shopping chart (and enjoy the promo code if any). Or pay a single amount as a deposit, but no discount on the due balance). Please see refund details If the two go in the same painting the size will be approx 50% larger. Please send pics to the email info@francescofontana.com

Order now your Christmas Gift

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    Read about refund: 

    You can return it within 14 days, no question asked. You accept to hold a credit in case you return the work, and friendly negotiate a substitution. Sorry no cash refund possible for this promotion.

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