Main Events and Credits

  • Dallas, TX, USA Watercolor Workshop for Southwest Watercolor Society, April 2022 


  • Article on American Watercolor Weekly (Mountain M) April 2020

  • Featured as top Watercolor Artists in Plein Air Magazine,  June 2020

  • Speaker at Go with the Flow Global Watercolor Conversation June 2020

  • Guest at Plein Air Live Publisher  talk show. July 2020

  • Artist of the Day, DVD Recorded Live 13 Sept 2020 

  • Live Demo & Interview with Eric Rhoads Publisher FB 23 Sept 2020

  • Monza in Acquerello International Festival, Italy Exhibition and Demo, 11-13 (27) Sept 2020 


  • Feautured on The Artist Magazine, #1Uk Magazine, London, Jan 2019

  • Feautured on Plein Air Magazine,  USA, March 2019 

  • Fabriano in Acquerello International Festival, Invited in Italy's 20 Representative Masters, April 2019

  • Exhibiting at Galleria Labor Limae, Torino, Italy, May 2019

  • Palermo, Sicily w/c Workshop 22 – 27 May, 2019

  • Valencia, Spain, w/c Workshop, July 2 — 9, 2019

  • Giverny, France w/c Workshop 22 — 27 July, 2019

  • Philadelphia, PA, USA Exhibition at PWS 40th International Juried Show 31 Aug - 26 Oct, 2019

  • San Pedro, CA USA Exhibition at NWS 99th International Juried Show 3 Oct - 17 Nov, 2019 

  • Don Demer's presentation on excelence at San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, Oct 2019 (Video)


  • Article on American Watercolor Weekly, Feb 2018

  • Galleries on The Cyber Art Show, March 2018

  • Demo Article for Daniel Smith Fine Art Supplies, June 2018

  • Workshop in Sidmouth, East Devon, UK, June 2018

  • Winner 1st Place, Monreale Sicily Plein Air Festival, Sept 2018

  • Workshop in Valencia, Spain, 8 - 12 Oct 2018

  • Exhibiting Solo Show at La Comune, Milano, Oct / Nov 2018

  • Exhibiting Finalist at the International Watercolor Prize, Cagliari, Galleria Esdé, Nov 2018

  • Feature on The Art of Watercolour, world #1 watercolor magazine, Paris, Dec 2018

  • Paintings as Interior Design on the Prime Time RAI 1 Series 'La Compagnia del Cigno' 


  • Exhibiting at City of Bengigamin, Valencia, Spain, International Show, Jan 2017

  • Exhibiting at Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, TX, USA, Feb 2017

  • Exhibiting at Bankside Gallery, London, UK for Royal Watercolor Society, March 2017

  • Winner, The Joe Carmichael Award at National Watercolor Society, June 10, 2017 San Pedro, CA

  • Winner Best Overall Watercolor, Plein Air Salon July 2017 (The Shop Window)

  • Featured in Fine Ar Connoisseur Magazine, Nocturne - Aug Sept 2017

  • Workshop in Valencia, Spain, Watercolor in One Stroke, 10 - 16 Sept 2017

  • Workshop in East Devon, UK, Watercolor in One Stroke 4, 5, 6 Oct 2017

  • Exhibiting at Mall Galleries, London, UK with Royal Society of Marine Artists, 4 - 15 Oct 2017

  • Featured Artist at En Plein Air Festival, San Angelo, TX, USA, 22 - 29 Oct 2017

  • Featured in Fine Ar Connoisseur Magazine, Industrial - Nov Dec 2017

  • Watercolor Workshop ‘Alla Seconda’, Padova, Italy 10, 11 December 2017


  • Feautured Artist at Lighthouse Plein Air Festival, Jupiter, Florida 9 — 13 March, 2016

  • DVD Release ‘Watercolor the Italian Way — Alla Seconda Method’ — 15 April 2016

  • Faculty at 5th Plein Air Convention & Expo, Tucson, AZ 15 — 19 April 2016

  • Exhibiting in Fabriano, Italy – International Watercolor Festival, April 2015

  • Workshop in Giverny, France, by Monet’s Lily Pond, June 27 —July 2, 2016

  • Invited Artist at Premio Marche d’Acqua - Permanent Oeuvre at Museo della Carta, Fabriano

  • Featured Artist at Door County Plein Air Festival, WI, Fish Creek 24 — 30 July 2016

  • Workshop Instructor at MISA Madeline Island School of Arts , WI, 29 Aug— 2 Sep 2016

  • Extended Article on Watercolor Painting Process on The Artist Magazine, UK Sept 2016

  • Judge and Instructor at Watercolor Society of Oregon Conference, 7 — 14 October 2016

  • Top 15% in the Bold Brush Painting Competition, Nov 2016 (The Installation)

  • Winner Art Muse Contest, Master Class Prize, Nov 2016 (The Art Lover)

Artist Across the Borders

Biography of Francesco Fontana


AWS American Watercolor Society

NWS National Watercolor Society

Francesco Fontana is a professional artist with many years experience in oil, watercolor, acrylic and dry media. After art school, he followed his dream and started his artist journey in bohemian Paris, as a portrait artist. In the years to follow, he exhibited his art in Italy and France and his paintings are now in many private collections in Europe, USA and Asia.
Since 2008 Francesco is the co-founder and director of Fare Pittura Atelier, based in Milan Italy, where he teaches regular classes, of watercolor, oil and life drawing. He travels intensivly as a workshop instructor and presenter. Frequent painting destinations include Provence, Paris, Giverny, Normandy, Sicily, Umbria, Puglia - Invitations include Bali, Indonesia, and USA. 
He's been a stage and field faculty member at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Monterey, CA and Tucson, AZ also exhibiting in the expo space. Exhibited in the 148th American Watercolor Society in New York's Salmagundi Club and at International Watercolor Society's International Meeting in Fabriano, Italy. He's been the juror, lecturer and workshop leader for the fall convention of the Watercolor Society of Oregon in 2016. Appearances in the press include Plein Air Magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur, The Artist -- UK. His DVD 'Watercolor the Italian Way -- The Alla Seconda Method' was released in 2016 by leading publisher Liliedhal in the USA. 

Francesco received his BFA in Palermo, Italy where he was born. He extended his education with further years of study with Italian Masters as Maiotti, Lissoni and Pelizzoni. Later he met several International artists who broadened his technique and vision remarkably. Francesco has started his career in Paris, has lived in London and is fluent in English and French as well as his native Italian. He's the loving father of two little girls: Teresa and Flora.

The Installation -- Winner Joe Carmichael Award, National Watercolor Society, June 2017

Francesco Fontan Fine Artist Pittore

Francesco Fontana 

Milan, Italy Cell +39 338 1328003

Alexandria, VA, USA Cell 703 659 9170

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