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Learn my secret to be + creative!

Discover Alla Seconda Method

More than 3 hours to watch, follow along and learn in my newest DVD interview and demo published by legendary Liliedahl. 

London show at Queen's Gallery

March 3 -- 15, 2017

So proud to be exhibiting at Bankside Gallery in London for the Royal Watercolor Society. Honored to have been selected for the annual Competition by the world's oldest society. RWS was founded in 1804 and included members the likes of John Singer Sargent. Bankside Gallery is a registered educational charity, opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1980.

Art Muse Contest Winner, Nov 2016, Master Class Winner: Francesco Fontana

Winner Art Muse Contest


February 17, 2017

My painting 'The Art Lover' is exhibited at Jack Meier Gallery, in Houston, Texas. The exhibit opens Feb 2017. The painting is the winner of the Art Muse Contest, in the Master Class section, for the November 2016 turn. Thank you so much judge Nancy Franke for your exquisite words motivating the award. Thank you Art Muse Contest for the cash prize. Congratulations to the winners in other categories and all finalists. You are amazing talents my friends

Great time at Oregon's WSO Conference

October 7, 2016 | WSO Watercolor Society of Oregon


My time in Oregon was a memorable experience! I had the responsibility to select 80 painters for the show, designate and comment the winners, critique publicly 40 paintings, and hold a workshop to 25 experienced painters. Artists, staff and volunteers made it easy, friendly and fun! Plus all my demos were collected on the spot. I also enjoyed the support of Daniel Smith who supplied me with a number of wonderful pigments. Savoir Faire wasn’t lesser kind and provided me a stock of Fabriano Artistico paper. Both companies also gifted my workshop students with the finest samples of paint and cotton paper. Thank you all! Everybody happy! Please see why students say: wow! 

Back to Wisconsin

Aug 29, 2016

I have had an exciting time in Wisconsin with a group of passionate amateurs at the beautiful MISA Madeline Island School of the Arts. My five day watercolor workshop was very productive for the most commited students and very rewarding for me personally. The MISA campus and their staff are amazing! Visit MISA website

Artist Magazine and Me

Sept 9, 2016 | Four Pages in the UK press

So excited to have a four page feature un the The Artist Magazine, UK. In this October 2016 issue I explain my Alla Seconda method to watercolor. Lots of step by step tips, material suggestions and a focus on drwing. Learn More

Door County Festival 

July 30, 2016 


Spent an hectic week in Eastern Wisconsin as a featured artist in the Door County Plein Air Festival. I was the only one invited from Europe among 40 of the top plein air artists in the USA. We painted along the shores of Sister Bay, Fisch Creek, Sturgeon Bay and some historical inland site. The exhibition and quick paint auction were amazingly crowded by enthustiastic collectors. Photo Gallery on Facebook

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