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Testimonials: what students say


Thanks for sharing your comments and emotions. Send yours if you missed to do it

Sidmouth, Devon, UK 2018


Due to Francesco’s expert teaching my goal at the workshop was achieved. My goal was to understand how to achieve the same translucency of the paintings that Francesco crafts. Thank you! — Jeanne Coates


Seeing you work was so helpful. Understanding about the use of brushes was really interesting, and the use of the face-cloth was new to me. I feel I can learn by seeing how the experienced teacher do things — Maggie


Francesco is a very knowledgable and gifted painter and tutor. I have learnt a great deal from him over three days. The demonstrations were amazing an really show what he was explaining so clearly. Thank you for a wonderful workshop! — Cathy


Thank you very much Francesco for a very enjoyable and informative workshop. Ho te to see you again very soon! — Olga Absalom


Francesco I especially appreciated that you were never tired to remind us all the basic principles, which I really lacked in the courses I did before. I know I have to practice more sketching and ‘one stroke’! Grazie mille — Sonja Fleminger

Oregon, USA October 2016

Wow! The best workshop I’ve ever attended; thanks Francesco! I love your quite calm and your sense of humor. I will take that with me and try to emulate in my own teaching. And now practice, practice, practice! — Beth Verheyeden


This was a fantastic workshop that you did! Your instruction was excellent on value, composition, color, brushwork and more. Not only the information, but the reason behind the principles of developing good artwork. Your demos were excellent and even better you spent a lot of time with each of us, providing personal counsel tailored to our style and abilities. Bravo and grazie! — C. C.


I appreciated the discussion on how to connect the mind / thought / feeling with the mechanical process. Most workshops are only about the mechanics. Every brushstroke matters, yes. But the 99 stroke exercise brings that home. I like that you have a daily lesson plan. Many do not. And you are flexible, call for questions and respond well. Language is not a barrier. Francesco, you are one of the few instructors I would like to take again. Thank you — Sandra Pierce


You are a great teacher because you are constantly learning yourself. — Kylene Kirchem


You offered us lots of valuable information with lots of examples. I liked that you asked us for feedback every morning and recapped the important info from the previous day. You were very amenable to showing us how to paint any type of subject. I liked the color gamma lesson and using limited strokes in a painting. I have many things to work on now, thank you so much! — Jansi King


Francesco you are a great teacher, generously sharing your knowledge with us in simple, understandable language. Thank you very much! — Juara


You are a very approachable artist and teacher. Your ability to express complex ideas and feelings in English was amazing to me! Grazie! — Connie Althman


I enjoyed the way you progressed steadily through useful lesson plans, reviewing the past lesson each day and giving us specific tasks. Your workshop helped me define my own intention in painting (storytelling and raising questions in the viewer about some mystery). You moved me out my comfort zone. It was a pleasure! — Sue Parman


Clear explanations and valuable demonstrations, as well as helpful feedback. The lesson that ‘each brushstroke matters’ was the highlight for me. Amazing learning experience

— Barbara Folawn


Definite clear directions e concepts, you break them down into doable things. I will recommended you to others. — Loisan Young

Wisconsin, USA September 2016

Acquired knowledge watching you paint, brushstrokes and color harmony are my take away, Have not had constructive criticism in other classes I've taken, sinche high school. So, good experience, thanks! — Christine

The first day it was frustrating to wait while you explained the very basic stuff to total beginners, but overall the week was great! — Susan


Francesco, thanks for being flexible and demostrating your talent. I learned many skills that have made me improve as an artist. I am Impressed with your ability to communicate in English and color! — Kelly

Thanks Francesco for a good week of painting. I have enjoied your expert opinions and your company. Love, — Rose 

Bali, Indonesia October 2013


Dear  Francesco

It has been a great 8-days workshop in Bali. We have learnt and got many new things from you. Hope one day I will be able to go to Italy and have a workshop there. We will miss you! Regards, Triwatty - Jakarta


Dear Francesco

To me you’re a great teacher. First you empowered us. Maybe sometime I am a confused man within this changing world, but you give us a strong guidance on your Alla Prima painting method. Technically you gave me new things and more you bring to me more understanding in the philosophy on how to look at art. Thank you so much Francesco! Ridjal -- Jakarta


Dear Francesco

It has been a good new experience for me to have you teaching us, even though we have been together only for eight days. But I learned so much from you about the colours and your method. Especially you motivated me to go out from my boundaries. Thank you so much Francesco. We will see you soon! Devita -- Jakarta


Dear Francesco,

I'll never forget the way you 'cook' the three colors for the color harmony. That’s the first time in my life. Thanks a lot for the time we are spending together to learn how to paint the right way. See you again next year. Suszie - Jakarta


Dear Francesco

It has been a magnificent experience these days of workshop. You have helped us explore our potential through and through. Thank you for the precious moments spent painting in Kuta and Ubud, Bali.  We all had a pleasant time painting and found different perspective to enjoy the process of painting. With regards from us all, and see you soon in the near future. Vanda -- Jakarta


Provence, France September 2011


Involvement and learning were all par excellence

Dear Francesco, so many thanks for the successful painting workshop of yours in Provence. Your organization, involvement and method of learning were all par excellence and I sure have learned a lot. Thanks again and see you in Italy -- Srood, The Netherlands


Puglia, Italy September 2011


Enthusiasm increased day by day

I participated with much enthusiasm at the workshop. Enthusiasm that has increased day by day as the course was well structured, and that will take me to continue the lessons in Milan. Liria, Tesero


Professionalism, kindness and care

Dear Master Francesco, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, kindness and care with which you have been an instructor and guide in these great days. I could see these landscapes through your eyes and hope I was able to give back some of that through my work. Thank you again. Ivana, Tesero


Made me ready to accept critics and suggestions

Dear Dr. Colour, I appreciated your commitment and availability to me. I did not feel your breath on my neck which allowed me to feel free to make mistakes without fear of a negative comment. You have found something good in all our work for, which made me ready to accept your critics and suggestions to improve -- with serenity. Thank you very heartly. Marcella, Tesero


You are so talented and have a lot of patience

I never thought to join a workshop and I must say I am very happy I did. You Francesco are so talented (and I knew that) but you also have a lot of patience, you can explain things very well, and then ... maybe I am up to my ultimate possibilities and be locked in there. But I still hope! This week has been fantastic. Look forward to do it again. Thanks for everything. Iosella, Tesero


Palermo, Sicily May 2011


I came away with improved painting skills

A very enjoyable experience. Francesco offers a well-run workshop with solid instruction, tailored to suit individual levels – from beginners to professionals. His skill with language makes it possible for a multi-cultural group to share artistically. I came away from my experience in Sicily with improved painting skills as well as new friends from Italy, Switzerland and Canada. I would love to do a workshop with Francesco again! Many thanks. Bruce – USA / Malta

I appreciated such a variety of people and the perfect logistic
The workshop was interesting, with different stimuli of growth. Working outdoor in different environments and with people of diverse backgrounds, were the strong points. The weak point was maybe the inclusion of different media. I would suggest to focus every workshop on a single media with 2 to 3 hours of theory daily. Some work paper and bibliography would also help continuing training. I appreciated very much the effort to keep together such a variety of people and the perfect logistic. Please let me advise you an extra effort in order to relate with single individuals. Rosanna – Viterbo, Italy

Beautiful locale, perfectly sized the small hotel
A wonderful week, although in the many excellent dinners something attacked my gut. Beautiful locale, perfectly sized the small hotel. There may be some adjustments in the daily schedule, such as free afternoon for sightseeing and beach -- painting only for those who want; a briefing on the first day and daily theory (critique) by the evening aperitif. Very assorted group, but the beauty of this experience is just sharing with people so different. Some male presence?
My pictorial results seemed disappointing. Painting in short sessions puts me pressure and get me clumsy. However I have already printed some photos to try to calmly resume the subject matters.

P.S. Thank you very much Francesco for your commitment and dedication. Your return to Palermo this time required moments of solitude and reflection [for the loss of your father] -- impossible by circumstances. I very much appreciated. Vanna - Milan, Italy


Provence, France Sept 2010


Great combination of painting and experiencing Provence

I really enjoyed the painting workshop! Francesco is a very informative, supportive, encouraging (and patient!) teacher. I really learned a lot during the week. I also enjoyed the various places/towns we visited. It was a great combination of painting and experiencing Provence! Thank you, Francesco! Kristen - Newport CA, USA


Opened up many doors to create drama in a painting

Francesco I enjoyed so much this experience because I like your style of teaching. You critique our work and it makes us realize what we need to do to get wherever we want to in our art expression. What you taught us about values on your canvas in practice opened up many doors to create drama in a painting without a lot of strokes. I definitely will continue to work with you and bring some friends to enjoy your technique. Thank you for this opportunity. Delia, Baltimore, MD, USA


I learned a lot in multi plan because of the others

Being a novice I was sceptical about the workshop. However it proved to be to my advantage because I benefited from observing and receiving tips from the others. The mix of touring the villages to do plein air painting is wonderful and visiting restaurants for dinner was definitely a plus. I learned a lot in multi plan and on the 5th day something clicked! I understand what painting is, it is hard and requires commitment. Metty, Atlanta, GA, USA


Pushed to look with different eyes

[...] this was a revitalizing experience, it allowed me to confront with different people and it was also pretty exciting to brush up my English. The course pushed me to select the very significant visual elements. My look has changed in detecting light, contrast and colors in nature, but also when observing works of art. I had the chance to see many beautiful landscapes, enjoy good food and make laughter together. Fiammetta, Milano, Italy


My production was of low-level and I had other expectations

Except for my discomfort with the language (English) -- I appreciated the beauty of nature, and being in good company. Regarding the course itself, I confirm the usefulness and clarity of the theory. However, I had other expectations: individual painting outdoor is fine if consistently guided in practice by the expert hand of the master. I think the teacher should have produced for demonstration purposes only -- although looking at you while painting, was nevertheless very useful to get into a new method. I thought we had more time to refine the assignments […] my production was well below my standard at home. It would have been more fruitful to stay longer in each site. Annalisa - Sondrio, Italy


I learned from an artist, beyond my expectations

It’s very rare that the real life exceeds expectations. It happened with the course in Provence. Here's what it was: a week in beautiful places, landscapes and delights of food, warm hospitality, laughter and insights and breathtaking sunsets. Plus the joy of waking up in the morning, with the desire to get to work. And above all the chance to learn from an artist who combines theory with practice with familiarity and graceful freshness -- capturing the light with a few gestures. I'm ready for another experience like that. Giorgia, Roma, Italy


Provence, France April and June 2010


Your painting is an inspiration

Francesco thanks you for a great week. We worked hard and we had lots of fun. The landscape in Provence is fabulous and your painting is an inspiration that accompanies me always. Love. Patricia, Buenos Aires


All well followed between English and Italian

Good combination of learning and relax, work and rest. Even in ademanding language situation between English and Italian, we were allwell followed and blended well as a group, learning from the confrontation as well. Thanks - Silvana, Aosta, Italy


Exciting for the shy person I use to be

It was exciting to be part of a group – for the shy and solitary person I use to be. I thank Francesco for his expertise and enthusiasm as a professional and all the people I met during these beautiful days. They enriched and helped me in different ways. The location in Provence is very beautiful and the hospitality excellent. An experience I would do again! - Niki, Alessandria, Italy


Francesco’s familiarity with the area was immensely helpful

The workshop was very informative. It was tailored individually. Francesco’s critiques were objective but he also tried to push us to go further with our work. I found the workshop well balanced -- giving us plenty of time to paint and also some leisure time. Francesco’s familiarity with the area was immensely helpful to paint some beautiful sceneries. Overall, a very creative and enjoyable week! - Elena, New York City


Insight into deficiencies can be greatly facilitated 

The workshop is one I would recommend to beginners and artists wishing to learn the process. A progressive approach for those who may have an impatient nature. The experience of painting outdoors is invaluable, as well as interaction with other students. Insight into technical deficiencies can be greatly facilitated by an experienced tutor. I think everyone has gained much insight and learning – Lana, Melbourne


Umbria, Italy June 2010


This week has brought me more than I expected. Now I can let myself lost forever into values, mid-tones, light and dark. Friendly - Irene,Milan, Italy

An intense week. All that I learned will surely allow me to put myselfinto question [...] Thanks -Linda, Perugia, Italy


Sicily, Italy May 2009


I enjoyed the beautiful Sicily in spring

Ciao Francesco, I enjoyed meeting you and being in your workshop. Lots of working hours, nice people around and lots of fun. The gardens in Modica, the cityscape in Ragusa,... wonderful places for painting and for experiencing the magic of the beautiful Sicily in spring. Hope I can come and do it again. Love - Patricia, Buenos Aires


Provence, France 2009


Excellent job Francesco! Can’t wait to join again

Excellent! From the choice of the accommodation (a corner of paradise), to the selection of places to visit for painting. I appreciated the method : theory concepts, demonstrations, support along the way and above all patience. Great job, really! I look forward to next stage! Katia - Milan, Italy


Provence, France 2008


The tour of Provence alone was magnificent

Dear Francesco, for me this week has been a dream came true. This opportunity could not have been more rewarding. Great food and a hospitable atmosphere. The tour of Provence alone was magnificent. Many many thanks for an enchanting week! Barbara - New York


Nice to be painting in such a variety of locations

Francesco, the week was very well planned out and I enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The combination of locations provided for very interesting outcomes in our work. I so look forward to working with you in the future.. Anji - Portland, USA  


I like your calm and worm way of teaching

Francesco, I have really appreciated the opportunity to paint with you this week. I feel you have given us new inspiration only by taking us to see many beautiful places. You've got a calm, warm appearance which gives us confidence. Thanks a lot for taking so good care of us this week!  Moyfrid - Drobak, Norway 

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