I give my group classes in the most beautiful destinations worldwide, the like of Italy and France. Art organizations in USA and Asia also plan my demos and workshops for different levels and media. Contact me as a sponsor or student.


If your prefer to work around your private schedule, you can visit my main studio in Milan for an individual, family or friends' class. We can provide comfy housing at Roberta's Bright Condo

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 New  Due to Francesco’s expert teaching my goal at the workshop was achieved. My goal was to understand how to achieve the same translucency of the paintings that Francesco crafts. Thank you! — Jeanne Coates


 New  Seeing you work was so helpful. Understanding about the use of brushes was really interesting. — Maggie


 New  Francesco is a very knowledgable and gifted painter and tutor. The demonstrations were amazing and really show what he was explaining so clearly. Thank you for a wonderful workshop! — Cathy


This was a fantastic workshop! Your instruction was excellent on value, composition, color, brushwork and about the reason behind the principles. Your demos were excellent and you spent a lot of time providing personal counsel. — C. C. 

Wow! The best workshop I’ve ever attended! I love your quite calm and your sense of humor. I will try to emulate in my own teaching. Thanks Francesco! — Beth Verheyeden

Francesco, I would like to take it again! I appreciated the discussion on how to connect the feeling with the mechanical process. Most workshops are only about the mechanics. Thank you — Sandra Pierce


You are a great teacher because you are constantly learning. — Kylene Kirchem


Your ability to express complex ideas and feelings in English was amazing to me! You are a very approachable artist and teacher. Grazie! — Connie Althman


Amazing learning experience! — Barbara Folawn


I will recommended you to others. — Loisan Young

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Testimonials: students say wow! 

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