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Host a First Class Workshop

Live Figure

Studio | Level Intermediate + | Media Watercolor

Painting from live model is a tradition of old atelier, typically done in oil or dry media -- graphite, charcoal and sanguine. Very few maybe 1/1,000 dare paint the model from life in watercolor, for its inherent technical challenge. But I love challenge and started studio sessions and a successful public workshop! Be brave and offer your students a new frontier! The setting is based on dressed quick and longer poses, to be painted alla prima on mid to large size.


Studio or plein air | Beginners + | All media

This workshop is focused on learning how to paint in monochrome -- but not with only one color -- like the great masters. Your serious students will aim at the atmopshere given by the magic play of the light. They will train their eye to detect the real value of any given color and learn how to mix beautiful darks without using black. Both a great learning for either build a stronger structure to a color painting, or create beautiful monocrome works. Demos on value scales, with student working in any media on thumbnails and larger supports.

Urban Scenes

Studio or plein air | Intermediate + | Watercolor, oil, pens & ink

Streets and cars, signs and shops, figure in motions -- the contemporary urban jungle is a gold mine of geometry and architecture, forms and colors. The workshop include demos and lectures on basic prospective, composition, linear drawing and graphic design. 


Studio or plein air | Level Intermediate + | Media Watercolor, oil or drawing  

Forms and tones in natura are so surprising. Mountains and countryside, barns and trees offer endless opportunity to play with realism and abstraction, where the illusion of space and light are keys to beauty. The workshop Include demos and lectures on composition, value structure and simplification.

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Wow! The best workshop I’ve ever attended! I will try to emulate in my own teaching. — Beth Verheyeden


This was fantastic! Your demos were excellent and you spent a lot of time providing personal counsel. — C. C. 

Francesco, I appreciated the discussion on how to connect the feeling with the mechanics.  — Sandra Pierce

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