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Art Learning Options

Academy Training

In 2021 Francesco Fontana was called by the Milano Painting Academy to design and held a curriculum of eccellence on watercolor in a classical atelier environment. Mpa is based in Milan, Italy and sponsored by Maimeri Foundation. At Mpa you will find a group class that offers in presence terms of progressive levels of basic, intermediate, advanced and beyond. Fontana's program is unique in the watercolor education field and includes life drawing practice. The mission is to bring the student to a professional level of competence in the turn of a few trimesters. Group size are limited bu but International students are welcome. Ask the master or check Mpa Website for next Open day or enrollment term. 

One-on-one Class

I you prefer a tailored instruction and a flexible schedule, this is the format for you. You can  meet Fontana in his Milano studio or on zoom. The first class is to evaluate where you are in the learning journey and to set a training program to improve the skills your are mostly in need. Oils, watercolor, acrylic and drawing are all welcomed medium. Slots are very limited and waiting list may apply. Please inquiry here

Online Mentorship

A mentor is a good active listener. Thanks to his empathy and expert guide you can build self confidence and discover the answers you're looking for in the us and downs of an artistic journey. Redardless the medium you use, Fontana suggests different lens for the mentee to look at their own work, to let them finally see what is 'hidden' before their eyes. Ask for free feedback on 2-3 of your works in a 20 mins Zoom call at

Worldwide Workshops

If you love to benefit from an in presence few day workshop, involve your art society to invite Fontana, anywhere iin the world. Fontana has been a traveling instructor since 2005 -- from US to Asia and across Europe. Several workshop formats are available, unique in their approach and top notch quality to make it a milestone experience in your artistic growth. Take an overview of testimonials and get in touch via email

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